ISO/DIS* 20228 Interpreting services – Legal interpreting – Requirements


This International Standard establishes criteria, requirements and recommendations for legal interpreting during spoken and signed communication that enables persons who have limited proficiency in the language the legal proceedings are conducted in. Legal interpreting services also facilitate communication between persons using the language of service and persons using another language. Legal interpreting is provided in a variety of public and private settings related to the law and supports equal access to them.

This International Standard establishes requirements for legal interpreting services. It establishes and provides the basic principles and practices necessary to ensure quality interpreting services for all language communities, for end users as well as requesters, and service providers. This International Standard is applicable to all situations requiring interpreting where the users of legal services need to communicate orally or by signed language. The service categories vary and include all situations that have legal implications (see Annex B).

This International Standard also provides guidance for legal interpreting services. It covers all parties involved in facilitating communication in any of the above settings. However, it does not supersede national regimes or legislation governing interpreting services in any of the above settings.