Interpreting Standards


Published standards

ISO 13611 Interpreting – Community interpreting guidelines

ISO 18841 Interpreting services – General requirements and recommendations


Developing standards

ISO 21998  Healthcare interpreting – Requirements

ISO/ 20228 Legal interpreting – Requirements


Interpreting New Work Item Proposals

Developing standards

ISO/DIS* 1884 Interpreting services

ISO/NP* 21998 Medical/Healthcare interpreting

ISO/DIS* 20228 Legal interpreting

Interpreting New Work Item Proposals

Conference interpreting – The promise to prepare a new work item proposal for conference interpreting made in Berlin 2014 has still not borne fruit

The standards for interpreting services are intended to be suitable for implementation by anyone wishing to demonstrate professional delivery of interpreting services.

*Draft International Standard – for ballot and comment by general public of national standards bodies’ countries e.g. UK