ISO 20108 Simultaneous interpreting – Quality and transmission of sound and image input – Requirements


This international standard provides requirements for the quality of sound and image input interpreters and thus specifies the characteristics of the necessary audio and video signals delivered to the interpreters. The components of typical interpreting systems are specified in ISO 20109. Together with permanent (ISO 2603) or mobile (ISO 4043) booths, these interpreting systems form the interpreter’s working environment. In addition to the requirements for on-site interpreting, where participants (speakers and other audience taking the floor) this international standard specifies requirements for varieties of distance interpreting situations, whereby the interpreters are not at the same location as one or more of the participants of the conference.
In conjunction with either ISO 2306 or ISO 4043, ISO 20108 and ISO 20109 provide the relevant requirements both for the equipment needed in the booths and for the quality and transmission of sound and image provided to interpreters.